We offer Maintenance Human Factors training curriculum and train the trainer programs. Furthermore we offer the development of safety courses with classroom instruction or facilitation to aircraft operators of all sizes. We design and build programs to assist change in the culture of an organization. In our training we employ tools such as role playing, business simulations and team exercises. We have assisted organizations in the application of these concepts to foster culture change. Aviation maintenance safety seminars designed for pilots and maintenance personnel are available. We are now proudly partnered with Outcomy and the ISSP to bring our training classes online.

aircraft buyers agent

Aircraft Buyers Agent provides the client with an advocate who’s emphasis is to locate and advise the buyer on value of an aircraft based on the buyer’s needs, desires and abilities. Aircraft Buyer’s Agents charge a fixed fee for their service to maintain independence, impartiality and objectivity. Brokers always operate on commission and want to sell the buyer the most expensive aircraft.

Aircraft Buyer’s Agents will provide certified aircraft valuation data to allow the buyer to make sound business decisions. Application of this experience and knowledge to make your aircraft purchase decision can save large amounts of expenses before and after the purchase.


As a member of The International Society of Safety Professionals(ISSP) we assist in the development of sound practical safety programs while providing implementation and training for the safety curriculum. Additionally we strive to incorporate human factors elements into safety programs when implementing the many requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration, Occupational Safety Hazard Association, National Fire Protection Association, Environmental Protection Agency and Hazardous Materials Regulations in the workplace.We also make available aircraft ground handling, fueling, parts handling, and safety training development among the programs we offer. Our training programs are tailor made to fit your needs and meet your requirements whether a single aircraft operation or a large fleet of aircraft.


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Legal discovery

We perform due diligence and maintenance record investigations for compliance and airworthiness for large and small aircraft and engines.  Also providing regulatory compliance and FAA approved continuous airworthiness maintenance program obedience examination.  Analysis of type design manufacturing policies and procedure conformity for aircraft manufacturing.We also offer vendor audits for commercial operators to provide management with an up-to-date overview of the contracted repairs. These audits can help to determine contractual accountability and investigate repair documentation on repairs and overhauls provided by the vendors. In addition, we can aid in managing the maintenance terms of aircraft lease returns for both parties.



Risk management

As dedicated safety professional we are devoted to support operators and repair agencies in the aviation industry. Providing custom developed safety programs for ground handling, fueling, parts handling and supplier auditing.
In addition, we champion aviation safety seminars for pilots and maintenance personnel as well as executing safety engineering and safety training development for insurance brokers and underwriters. All sizes of aircraft operators and owners have benefited from our services.