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We offer Maintenance Human Factors training curriculum and train the trainer programs. Aviation maintenance safety seminars designed for pilots and maintenance personnel are available.



With our valuation services delivered for all types of aircraft  for insurance, investment and other financial reasons.  you can be assured it will be provided by a Senior Certified Aircraft Appraiser (NSCA) who is a member of the Professional Aircraft Appraisal Organization (PAAO)

We can provide certified aircraft valuation data to allow the buyer to make sound business decisions. Helping you make a sound aircraft purchase decision can save large amounts of expenses before and after the purchase.

All industries, including aviation, are constantly undergoing change. Federal Aviation Administration regulations and rules cover a much broader scope than in the past. The demands placed on your enterprise for timely implementation and compliance is increasing at a rapid pace. The ability to think “outside the box” will allow your enterprise a competitive edge, while positioning you as a market leader. Pat Duggins Consulting Services, Inc. is a non-traditional consultancy, providing fundamental business strategies to meet your competitive environment. Your company can utilize our extensive experience and expertise to improve and gain a competitive edge. Success requires us to look to the future with the knowledge of where we have been and the understanding of where we are today. As a Senior Certified Aircraft Appraiser we perform valuation services competently and in a manner that is independent, impartial and objective. In addition we provide aviation training programs including maintenance human factors, legal discovery, aircraft records due diligence and vendor audits. We also help to identify risks and assist in developing solutions to improve aviation safety.